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College Counseling


We are Here to Guide You!

As a Baylor student, you have an advantage in the college process because you have tremendous resources and opportunities at your fingertips. Most of the work we do is on an individual level with each student and their families.

However, we offer many programs throughout the year to help our students and families manage the ever-changing college admissions landscape:Want to know more?


College Counseling Programs

For College Reps

I think the college application process is so just monstrous and discouraging and confusing. And I feel like I could have easily gotten lost in all of that if it were not for my college counselor.


Seniors in the Class of 2023


of the senior class will participate in an Honors College


students will continue to play a sport in college


will attend college in Tennessee


will attend college out-of-state


will attend college internationally

Want to Know 更多的?

For a full overview of the college counseling process at Baylor, view the publications below.